Friday, October 1, 2010

Monopoly Deal Review

A new craze has been sweeping the hallways at school: Monopoly Deal.

This weirdly addictive card game intrigued me when I saw it being played by three of the drama kids at my school. Apparently during the fall musical, one of them had brought it to school and it spread like wildfire. Let me see if I can explain the rules.

You are given a hand of 5 cards to begin with, which can consist of property cards, rent cards, money cards, and other action cards. The aim of the game is to end up with three (sometimes five) full sets of properties, or monopolies. You can play up to three cards from your per turn, which could include putting money in your bank, charging rent, adding a property to a set, or attempting to fuck another player over by making him go bankrupt or stealing his properties. It's competitive, and fun as hell.

For further explanation of the game's rules, go here:

My opinion? If you happen to come across a deck, you should buy it. It's more fun to play than normal Monopoly, much more portable, and you have many more opportunities to swear at your opponents. Play with your friends and kick their asses.

P.S. Happy October! Rabbit rabbit :)